First Scrappy Doo and now this?

Man the cartoon characters you grew up with sure aren’t the same anymore. Yeah I thought that Wendy, Marvin and Wonder Dog were a pretty useless part of the Super Friends but so was Aquaman.

At least DC Comics tried to make Aquaman more relevant in recent years by giving him a Sub-Mariner makeover complete with a harpoon for a hand, a hatred for surface dwellers and a mullet straight out of 1985.

Although the aforementioned trio were the infuriatingly cliched, sidekick characters that were thrown in so kids who watched the show could be close to their superhero idols by proxy, they still deserved better than this.

As a person with a second take on this issue puts so succinctly, ““Wonderdog eats Wendy and Marvin” is a punchline in an indy comic that wants to be hip and cruel, not a full issue of a DC superhero book.

I will have to agree…

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